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Dental Implants Vs Dentures
When you compare the three most popular
tooth-replacement options, including
partial dentures, fixed bridges and dental
implants, the benefits of dental implants
clearly and consistently overshadow its
competitors. Find out why!
How jaw bone melts away
Your jaw bone melts away like hot butter when there are no teeth to hold it in position.

Discover how dental implants will stop this process and keep your bone intact.
5-Step Process
While the time frame and procedure
for placing an implant varies on a case-to-case basis, there are five major steps that you must complete.

Learn what they are.
"Everyone that worked with my children and I were fantastic! We are all very pleased with the service and treatment. The entire staff was AWESOME…THANK YOU!"

- Erika Walker
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- Erica Strong
Leading Authority of Dental IMplants
" Fortunately, today's dentistry offers numerous options for the replacement of missing teeth.  However, only one option, the dental implant can be determined 'The Standard of Care' for tooth replacement.  This guide is a great place to start to begin the journey of replacing teeth."
-Dr. Taj M. Haynes
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